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KMS-Auto Activator for Windows 10

KMS Auto Lite for Windows 10

We present to your attention the activator KMS-Auto – an excellent program for activating the operating systems Windows 10! This is a set of all the most extensive bases of activation keys and 100% guarantee of successful activation of your Windows system!

What is KMSAuto Activator?

KMSAuto – This is a new generation of activators that creates its activation server, it activates your Windows 10 for 180 days, I think some users might not like it, but I think you will not be very difficult to open the activator in half a year and click “Activation” then reboot the system and READY. It will take no more than 2 minutes. By that time, I think, the developers of this activator will do so that the subsequent activation of Windows 10 was early! KMSAuto automatically connects to the KMS server and activates the system. If you do not activate your Windows 10, a watermark will be drawn in the lower right corner, reminding you to activate Windows 10.

Advantages of KMSAuto activator :

  • Works without access to the Internet.
  • all you need is a connection to the KMS server.
  • If the KMS server does not work, you just need to reactivate and it’ll be OK.
  • The structure of KMS is not complex and only 1 server can serve 1000 people.
  • It will always be the most current activator for Windows 10.

How to use KMSAuto activator:

  • At the time of activation disable Windows Defender and antivirus (Click here to get info about how to turn off Windows Defender, if you need it).
  • Download the archive with working Activator in it.
  • Unzip the file (Password for archive — windows).
  • Run KMSAuto.exe file as an administrator.
  • Open the activator and click on “Activate Windows”.
  • Restart Windows and activate your Windows 10 completed.

Learn more about activating Windows on video:

Screenshot of the activated Windows 10 by activator KMSAuto:

Windows 10 pro is activated

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